This is the site for those of us who auditioned for The Biggest Loser, but were not chosen by the network. Bottomline is we still need to get healthy, with or without the show. So, let's take matters into our own hands! If we can't be biggest losers, then we'll be bigger than biggest! We will be The Hugest Losers!!
Many of us are losing weight using the book "Where Did All The Fat Go?" by Dr. Rob Huizenga, MD, the doctor behind The Biggest Loser weight loss successes.
If you want to be a member of this blog group please send an email to "" and you will be added as a member.
We want to support each other during the highs and lows of this process. Ultimately this is a forum of support. Please join us in getting healthy and losing the fat once and for all! *You don't have to have auditioned to be a member, just as long as you're trying to get healthy!

Justine needs your votes….PLEASE?!?!

This is one of the girls that I work with on hitting. We were able to pull some strings, and get her into the University of Hawaii as a scholar athlete. She will be attending U of H on scholarship as their equipment manager. Her hard work, and determination, pulled her through, affording her new opportunities. It is a very motivational story, and should be shared with as many people as you believe would benefit.

Watch the video, and then vote (as many times as you can)!

(Copy & Paste into your browser, if clicking on the following link does not work for you)

Please vote for Justine Tjaden (pronounced Jaden)! Spread the word, and see how many votes we can get for her…send this to as MANY people as you can!


=========================================== From Justine’s Parents
Dear Friends and Family,

Justine has been nominated for the “Ultimate Female Athlete” through and USA Today. Her video is one of the 9 finalists. WE NEED YOUR VOTE. Please click on the link below, watch her video, then click on the Vote button. You can vote as many times as you wish through out the month of April. Please, please, please, spread the word and vote.

Thank you so much,

Andrea Tjaden
Only in America do we have drive up ATM’s with braille on them.

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Jillian’s new show…

Aaron has started a rather interesting conversation about Jillian’s new show, and TBL in general.  He can be very opinionated at times, based on his own value system, as well as years of experience in the industry.

But, the real question?  Do you agree or disagree? 

Come on over to his blog, read, and weigh in on the conversation!  I’ve started sharing my thoughts…

And if anyone can get a hold of Jillian to come share her opinion, that could prove to be a WHOLE lot of fun!  (not likely, but it’s the thought that counts) hahahahaha!  :-) 

JD (aka Monty)

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Biggest Loser … RIGHT HERE!

Never even would have known, but there’s a movement, going on just down the street from where I live.  It looks like the show has made a great positive impact…

I know, someone like myself would never receive an opportunity, without paying top dollar…or short of having to beg someone to beat me into submission, making me do what I really need to do, every single day.  It’s places like this that provide people a small piece of what they need, to at least get it started…

I feel a little lost again (operative word)…not sure what to do, or how to do it, or how to find the drive to take it to the level it needs to go…it is such a roller coaster, one that just never seems to pick up full speed and stay in cruise control…

Hope everyone is doing well…


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One of my long time pitching students…

…finally makes it to the show, after 6+ years in the Giants minor league system. He started with me when he was 12 years old, and we stuck together all the way through his Senior year in HS, working out every weekend. A young 25 years old, claimed off of waivers, did well in his debut. Now he just has to perform to stay there. The clip gave me the chills to watch, especially facing Howard as his first batter in his major league debut.

If he is still up at the end of May, I’d like to try to get down to see him, while they are in town. They are playing the Pads May 28th-30th.

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wow it’s been awhile

Well most of us are friends on facebook and that’s where we do most of our communicating now, but i thought i’d post a little update here.

Ok so as of today i have lost 53 pounds! It has taken me almost a year to do it but i am feeling great! I have 4 pounds to go to be out of the 200s! I finally started keeping a food journal and exercise log and since i started that a month ago i have lost 2 pounds each week, so i should hit the 100 pound loss mark in october!

I can’t explain how but finally everything seems to be clicking~ the healthy eating and exercising are becoming normal to me. i am keeping my calories bet 12-1400 daily and exercising 5-6 days a week, 3 days bootcamp and 2-3 cardio. it really took a year for all of this to become a lifestyle for me.

hope all of you are doing well too~ i think monty (or jd ) is the only one on here that i’m not fb friends with, so if you have a fb page send a friend request to tammy hemmer etheridge. 

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Thought everyone might find the following interesting.  It’s Aaron, a trainer I’ve spoke of in the past.  He has some good information on his site, and even talks about The Biggest Loser Season 9.

Hope everyone is doing well!


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Checking In…finally!

Hey Everyone! OMG!!! I can’t believe I haven’t checked in with you guys for 3 months! A lot has been going on. Those of you who keep up with me on facebook probably aren’t in the dark about some things, but I’m sorry I haven’t been around.

First, let me update you on the surgery. It’s been 2 months and 1 week. It went very well, but it certainly has been an adjustment. Some of the foods that I always loved to eat (re: sweets!) I can no longer tolerate. My second week I tried even just to eat some mashed bananas and I got so sick from the natural occurring sugar in those! So I stay far away from sugar. My stomach has gotten stronger and I am eating mostly normal foods, but nothing to harsh: no popcorn, beef jerky, etc.. Mostly a lot of fish cuz it’s flaky and breaks down easily. Breakfast is always cottage cheese. I have to keep everything high protein because that’s the most important element for building muscle and keeping hair! :)

Anyway, in the past 2.25 months, I am down a total of 54 pounds. It’s pretty dramatic to see the results so quickly. I’ll have to post some before and afters for you guys. I’m very satisfied with the weight loss, but I’m mostly just very happy that my body doesn’t hurt the way it used to. I was pushing 300lbs at one point (285 was my heaviest, although at my surgery time I was 273) and my poor frame just couldn’t take it! I don’t know how anyone can live even heavier than that and not be in chronic suffering. So, basically, at this point I have no regrets about what I did. I’m so grateful fto have had a surgical option and I feel in control of my life for the first time in a long time.

Another reason I’ve been MIA is because I am totally IN LOVE!!! :D We met about a month before my surgery and we took to each other right away. :) I think what was most exciting was that he met me before surgery and loved me before he knew I was having surgery. He is such an amazing person and he makes me so happy. He’s been here for me every step of the way and super supportive. I think the best word to describe him is “integrity.” I’ve never met anyone who I can trust with everything and know it will be safe. The one catch is that he is a Marine and he is leaving January 4th for a tour in Asia for anywhere between 6-14 months. It will definitely be a test of our relationship, but I know we can make it! But, that’s probably another reason why I haven’t posted in a while. We’ve been spending a lot of time together, while we can.

So, as for all of you guys…sounds like things are going well!

Tammy, congrats on the consistent weight loss!!!! And 30lbs is huge! I am so happy for you! That is awesome!!!!! And as for this past season of BL, I stopped watching after the first episode. It got to be annoying for me, mostly. Although, I did keep the timer on my DVR because I was at the make over episode and when that one aired, I had a brief cameo in one of the crowd shots! hahahah. It was pretty funny. Season 9 was the one that they were really pumping me and my cousin for, until they weren’t. I don’t think I really care to watch the show anymore at all. I’m so over it. I’ve had a bunch of emails to audition for some new weight loss shows, and 2 casting directors call me to come in for an interview. 1) Jax called to ask me to audition for a new Ryan Seacrest show that he’s doing to make your dreams a reality. They wanted me to come on and ask for a trainer and dietitian. This was just before my surgery and I told her no. Too much of a distraction. 2) Some girl at NBC wanted me to come in for some other reality, documentary type, weight loss show. I told her, “I just had weight loss surgery, do I still qualify?” She told me she’d have to check with her producers. hahhahaha. Of course I never heard back. Bunk reality TV. :)

Anyway, JD, those before and afters of that woman were impressive! If she has any ideas for us, I’d be open.

Todd, way to come back to it! We have to stay strong and focused in order to kick this addiction. And that’s what it is, addiction. I struggle, even though I’m seeing results. Of course I still want all the sweets. And I could get lazy again and not work out! But, we have to put our health above everything else! Anyway, sounds like the workouts are strong for you so keep it up and let us know if you do the 5K. If you can run for 30 minutes straight already, I bet you could do it now! You’ll run faster in the race than you even do on the treadmill. I did a 5K in ‘04 at 230lbs and minimal training and was able to complete it in just under 45 minutes. DO IT!!!! :D

Well, I guess that’s all for now. Thanks for always being so supportive, you guys. You really are all awesome people and I’m glad that we’ve been able to connect as a unit. It’s really pretty amazing if you think about it. :)

Merry Christmas! Love you guys!!!!


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Happy (rough) Holidays!

I sincerely wish everyone a Happy Holiday season!

Since starting back with “the program”, on December 12th, I’ve dropped approximately 12 LBS.  It’s not easy, and at times I want to just reach for a piece of cake, some cookies, or even that chocolate fudge right over by my desk, but I’m abstaining.  But, it is so rough!


Stay safe!  And I hope everyone is doing well!


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Back in the Game… Week 15

So I took a few months off from paying attention to my weight, and during that time I began to take Aikido classes. I gained some of the weight back, but these classes have helped me to begin losing again, surpassing where I was when I began my unintentional hiatus. I am trying to finish my dissertation and have been very busy, but these classes are helping me stay focused and eat better while getting some really good exercise. In order to keep up, I really need to do a lot more working out. I have gotten to the point where I can run for 30 minutes and now I am just trying to run fast enough to run a 5K in somewhat close to that time. I have to allow myself to take breaks when I need to, so I am just going to pick up where I left off and push my goal date back 3 months since that’s how long my break was. Even if I take a break after 15 or 20 pounds again, as long as I come back to it, I count that as a win. I am beginning again where I left off and not having to make up for anything, so I am happy!

Starting Weight (May 25, 2009): 285 lbs.
Starting BMI: 39.7
Weight Last Weigh in: (August 24, 2009) 271 lbs.
Weight Today (August 31, 2009): 269.5 lbs.
Current BMI: 37.5

Weight Change This Week: -1.5 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 15.5 pounds
Loss Streak: 1 week in a row
Longest Streak: 6 weeks in a row
NEXT GOAL: 260 lbs. (9.5 lbs. to go)

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2nd session of bootcamp

This six weeks i lost 7 lbs and 8 ” for a total of 15 lbs and 19” for the 12 weeks.

I ran/walked a mile in 11min39sec, 2 min shorter than last time.

i did 20 real push ups!

i’ll be doing the next 6 week session too~ i’m getting kind of addicted to it!


Larissa~ give us an update on how you are doing!

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